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Great dirt and mushroom compost products

If you have a green thumb and love growing things, contact Chapman Stone for dirt and mushroom compost materials.


Take advantage of our competitive prices!


Supplies are available by the bag and in bulk.

Rich black dirt

Count on us when you need black dirt for gardening.


We carry shredded topsoil that’s kept dry to maintain a state of finely ground black dirt.

Fertilize with mushroom compost

Mushroom compost is a slow-release, organic plant fertilizer that enriches the soil.


It provides plenty of nutrients to ensure healthy,

growing plants.

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Available landscaping materials

 •  Mulch

 •  Flagstone

 •  Stone veneer

 •  Boulders

 •  Decorative gravel

 •  Wall stone and retaining walls

 •  Dirt and mushroom compost

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