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  • Boulders

    Landscaping boulders are a beautiful addition to any landscape design and can help your property stand out from all the others on your street. Chapman Stone offers a wide variety of boulders in many sizes, types, and colors to suit the style of any property. Boulders can give your home or business stunning curb appeal. When combined with other materials, a landscaping boulder makes for a dramatic feature that is sure to impress every guest. Whether you’re interested in using these materials for a decorative piece on its own, as a natural fountain, outdoor fireplace or fire pit, or other creative piece, our team can help you realize your idea and select the perfect piece!

    Boulder varieties include:

    • Trap
    • Black Ice
    • Misty Green
    • Sponge
    • Mossy Mountain
    • Round Cobblestone
    • Flat Cobblestone
    • Holey Limestone
    • Mexican Beach Pebbles
    • Pennsylvania Fieldstone
  • Construction Gravel & Sand

    Sand and gravel offer a wide variety of applications for landscaping and construction projects. Deposits of sand and gravel are found in river channels, flood plains, streambeds, and glacial deposits and are a very accessible resource. In their most straightforward uses, these materials are great for creating paths or as fill in landscaping beds. Construction companies utilize gravel and sand to make concrete, mix with asphalt, for masonry projects, to make roofing shingles, and for water filtration. Whatever your project’s needs are, construction gravel or sand from Chapman Stone can help you fulfill them!

  • Decorative Gravel

    When you’re looking to put the final decorative touches on your flower garden or other landscaping feature, take a look at our wide assortment of ornamental gravel. Available in a variety of types and colors, you can find the perfect accent to your property’s style. Decorative gravel is a great accent to your property, giving your home or business a clean, professional, and finished look. Wherever you may want to utilize them on your property, we have everything you may need! The decorative gravel materials we have in stock include:

    • Merrimac
    • Trap
    • Rainbow
    • Riprap
    • White Shadow
    • Red/Black Granite
    • Slate Chips
    • CA-6 Crushed Limestone
    • CA-7 Crushed Limestone
    • Crushed Limestone
    • Red Flint
    • American Heritage
    • Lavender Quartz
    • Western Sunset
  • Dirt & Mushroom Compost

    Almost any landscaping project you may choose to undertake will need quality soil or fertilizer – especially if you’re looking to promote healthy plant life on your property. At Chapman Stone, you can find nutrient rich soil and compost sure to help you create lavish, abundant growing spaces. Our team offers only the best soil that’s easy to use for casual gardeners while being fertile enough for large landscaping professionals. Additionally, pick up some mushroom compost for additional organic fortification to help your garden grow. Environmentally safe, it’s the perfect solution for low quality soil as well as a beneficial additive to high quality soil.

  • Flagstone

    Patios and other outdoor living areas are a wonderful addition to any backyard. When you’re creating your own relaxing oasis, you want to make a space to sit, relax, and enjoy it. Flagstone pavers are one of the most durable materials you can use to make the perfect backyard entertainment spot. They are stronger than concrete, tolerable to temperature fluctuations, and have been known to survive earthquakes with little to no damage. Beyond patios and walkways, there are many other applications this strong, versatile stone would be perfect for. Consult our landscape material experts today for inspiration! Our flagstone options include:

    • Smooth Beige
    • Pimpled Beige
    • Cherry Valley
    • Cherokee
    • Tumbled Rose
    • Sturgis
    • Golden Quartz
    • Tennessee
    • Colorado Red
    • Blue And Brown
    • Choctaw Tumbled
  • Mulch

    Covering your property’s landscaping beds with mulch is a great way to protect the investment you’ve made in your flowers and shrubs. Decorative as well as protective, our selection includes colors and styles such as hardwood, dyed brown, red, and cedar to match any landscaping style. Landscapers usually apply mulch in a two to three inch layer. For that reason, we offer mulch by the bag or in half cubic yard quantities to make sure you get enough to cover what you need! Mulch can help you conserve moisture for your plants, insulate the ground to protect against temperature changes, and prevent weeds. Visit Chapman Stone today to see the appealing mulch options for yourself and get the most out of your flower gardens and landscaping beds!

  • Stone Veneer

    Stone veneers give any vertical surface a rustic, sophisticated look that will be appealing to everyone that looks at them. Useful in both interior and exterior projects, this decorative material is perfect for homes and businesses alike and is available in a wide variety of designs and colors. Stone veneers are easy to install as they are much lighter than using natural stones themselves. They can give your home’s façade an attractive makeover, help you create a gorgeous fireplace, or help give any boring space on your property some dimension and texture for an eye-catching allure. Talk to one of our courteous representatives about this versatile and beautiful landscape material today!

  • Fire Pits & Patio Furniture

    Looking to add an element of style, comfort, and fun to your patio or outdoor living space? If so, there’s no better investment than that of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit! Chapman Stone’s professionally designed and constructed fire pits are perfect for any space. Speak to a representative about your newest patio addition and we’ll customize a fireplace to suit your specific needs, property constraints, and budget. Whether you prefer electric, gas, or wood burning fireplaces, we can give your patio an elegant centerpiece for friend and family to gather around. No matter the season, enjoy your yard to the fullest with a new fireplace or fire pit from the pros at Chapman Stone!

    Additionally, we now offer quality patio furniture to give your outdoor living space extra comfort and style. Visit our location to look over our inventory of durable furniture, available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. At Chapman Stone, you'll find everything you need to create the perfect outdoor space for relaxing, entertaining, and enjoying your home and property to the fullest!