• Mulch and more landscape materials in Taylorville IL

    Since 1969, Chapman Stone has been your trusted provider of mulch and other landscape materials in the Taylorville, IL area. We are a team committed to customer service and offer a various selection of gardening materials available by the bag and bulk. It doesn’t matter if you are a residential homeowner or a landscaping contractor – if you want construction gravel, boulders and more – we can provide it for you.

    Chapman Stone is a locally owned and family operated business. Let us help you find your perfect gardening material to increase your landscape aesthetic. Our inventory is extensive and we offer competitive prices. We offer discounts to landscapers and contractors. Call or stop by today and let’s get started on creating that perfect lawn!

    Landscape Materials in Taylorville IL

    We supply a large assortment of landscape materials from boulders to flagstone, browse our selection and find the perfect material for your lawn or garden.

    Chapman Stone Landscape Materials

  • Boulders – A great way to make your house stand out; we have various types suitable for many different styles (size and color) to help create that perfect landscape appeal. We have several different choices for you:

    • Trap
    • Black Ice
    • Misty Green
    • Sponge
    • Mossy Mountain
    • Round Cobblestone
    • Flat Cobblestone
    • Holey Limestone
    • Mexican Beach Pebbles
    • Pennsylvania Fieldstone
  • Construction Gravel & Sand – Typically found in river channels, glacial deposits, streambeds and flood plains and are mainly used for creating paths or used as fill in landscaping beds. Construction companies use gravel and sand to make concrete, roofing shingles and even water filtration, whatever you need gravel and sand for – be certain Chapman Stone can and will provide it for you!

    Decorative Gravel – We have a wide assortment of ornamental gravel. Available in all different types and colors, browse our large selection of decorative gravel.

    • Merrimac
    • Trap
    • Rainbow
    • Riprap
    • White Shadow
    • Red/Black Granite
    • Slate Chips
    • CA-6 Crushed Limestone
    • CA-7 Crushed Limestone
    • Crushed Limestone
    • Red Flint
    • American Heritage
    • Lavender Quartz
    • Western Sunset
  • Dirt & Mushroom Compost – If you are looking for healthy plant life on your property, quality soil is key. At Chapman Stone, we provide nutrient rich soil and compost guaranteeing healthy fertilizer. If you are looking for some additional fortification, use our mushroom compost to really help your garden blossom.

    Flagstone – Stronger than concrete and able to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, Flagstone pavers are one of the more sturdy materials we offer. Really accent your patio or walkway with this versatile stone. Our flagstone options include:

    • Smooth Beige
    • Pimpled Beige
    • Cherry Valley
    • Blue & Brown
    • Cherokee
    • Tumbled Rose
    • Sturgis
    • Choctaw Tumbled
    • Golden Quartz
    • Tennessee
    • Colorado Red
  • Mulch – Providing two services at once, investing in mulch is a great way to protect your flowers and plant life, all the while beautifying it in the process. Decorative and protective! Most landscapers apply mulch in a two to three inch layer, and with that in mind, we offer mulch by the bag or half cubic yard quantities. We offer hardwood, dyed brown, red and cedar to match any landscaping style you have or want. Visit Chapman Stone today and browse our mulch selection!

    Stone Veneer – One of the best ways to brighten up a room or area is with veneer stone. It offers a sophisticated look that is appropriate in homes and businesses alike. Although they seem beautiful and intricate, they are rather easy to install. Call us today and give your home’s fireplace some real appeal with our stone veneer options!

    Fire Pits & Patio Furniture – Looking to add an element of style, comfort, and fun to your patio or outdoor living space? If so, there’s no better investment than that of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit! Chapman Stone’s professionally designed and constructed fire pits are perfect for any space.